How to build effective workout programs


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What will you learn?

Do you want to build an effective workout program?

You’re not alone. Building a workout program is hard, and it can be even harder when you don’t know where to start. Whether you’re looking for a bodybuilding or weight loss plan, we have the tools and knowledge that will help you create an effective workout program in no time! We show people how to build their own programs from scratch so they can get started on the right foot without wasting any time or money.

This course includes everything you need to know about building your own workout routine – including 4-week sample workouts with detailed instructions on what exercises should go into each day of training as well as how many reps and sets are required for each exercise. It also includes a template that shows exactly what goes into creating your very own custom workout routine – all in one place so there’s no guesswork involved!

We give people all the information they need in order to finally achieve their goals whether they’re trying lose weight or gain muscle mass. And if anything ever feels too complicated, we offer personal support through email so customers never feel lost.

Be the first to enrol and get a full refund

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Who is the course led by?


My name is Paula and I am a qualified nutritionist and a personal trainer. 

I created this course for those who are hungry to reach their health and fitness goals. 

Whether you are unsure about what to do at the gym or whether you’d like to coach others, this course is for you!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating an effective workout program from nutrition, calories and macronutrients to the best exercises for each muscle group, fat loss and more. You’ll also get a better understanding of proper rest and recovery techniques and hacks to speed up the progress. 

paula a creator

We are going live on 5th Jan at 12pm (UK time)