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Our story

Nutrition2change Academy is an online education provider specialising in all things health, fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing. It is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

At Nutrition2change Academy, we are a team of qualified professionals who enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise through elearning. 

Our drive is to help like-minded people obtain the knowledge and expertise to get the careers they desire within this industry and help drive success, results whilst helping our nation become healthier along the way.

Our courses are perfect for beginners and intermediates, and we welcome anyone who is driven to learn and make and impact. 

Our Instructors

paula a creator

Paula Sawicka

Qualified Nutritionist and personal trainer

With a passion for health and fitness, and drive to help others I studied Level 4 Nutrition and Level 3 Personal Training so I could take on the world with Nutrition2change.  As a founder of this company, I truly want others to succeed in whatever endeavor they wish to take on. 

 Nutrition2change helps people all around the world in all things health, fitness and overall wellbeing. I love what we do, and people love us for it. 

Mark Boateng

Strength and conditioning coach

With over 10 year’s of training with body builders, power lifters to HIIT enthusiasts, I’ve learned all the tricks to build strength, achieve healthy fat loss and get the most out of your muscle – but most importantly, the discipline to maintain your body for the long haul.

I now package my years of knowledge to create life-changing courses aimed at transforming your health, body and mind!

Ilayda Demirci

Registered associate nutritionist

Early on,  I realized how much I wanted to help people and touch lives.

I graduated from Başkent University,  Nutrition and Dietetics Department (BSc). After I worked in many areas in nutrition for 3 years, and then working with government institutions,  I became a Registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) in the UK. I am running my own nutritional consultancy business in London, and now creating courses!