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Start online coaching, create online courses and earn money for sharing your passion with people around the world.

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Earn money every time a student enrolls in your course

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Join the global movement in the health and fitness industry. 

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Why start teaching online?

The online education industry is on a HUGE rise, and it’s expected to surpass 272 billion in 5 years. This is why NOW is the perfect time to start building your online courses.

Benefits of teaching online

Discover your true value

If you’re feeling underestimated by people around, then it’s finally time to earn what you deserve.

Take control of your life

With online teaching, you can choose your own hours, and be your own boss. You can create one course, or more!

Do something you're passionate about

Turn your passion into income, and start losing the sense of ‘work’!

Own a product for lifetime

You do the work once, and you can sit back and relax as your course sells over and over again.

Help others to change their lives

Do something rewarding, not just for yourself, but for others around you. We need people like you.

Enjoy financial security

Stop panicking if you are going to make your pennies last the month. Instead, worry about the endless possibilities and freedom you get to enjoy.

How does it work?

Submit your course idea

Submit your course idea, we will take a look at it and approve it within 24 hours. You will then get your login credentials and access to our creator platform.

Plan and organise content

Plan ahead, and organise lessons and content to build the best course. Your course must include at least 30% video. This can be slide-show based or featuring yourself.

Create your course

Create your online course using our FREE and easy-to-use course builder. You will also get instant access to our step-by-step demo on how to use the course builder.

Publish and build your community

Publish your course on our platform, market it and start earning money. Build communities of people who want to learn and have fun!

Who can teach on Nutrition2change Academy?

Nutrition2change Academy teachers are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. Make sure to check out our course guidelines before you submit your course idea.

Any associated fees?


No set up fees, simply create and enjoy!


There are no set up costs, we simply take 10% of each sale.


If your course meets our criteria it may automatically be pushed for accreditation. However, if you'd like to get your course accredited by either CPD, AFA and NASM then there are other costs involved


Your course will be automatically included in our affiliate program which provides great exposure and faster earnings. We pay 10% to our affiliates. Therefore, if the sale occurs through our affiliate marketing, we will deduct 20% in total per affiliate sale.

Why Nutrition2change Academy?

We Actively promote your course

We will actively promote your course on our social media platforms and include it within our marketing efforts.

Your space on our about page

You will be featured on our 'about us' page where we will input your bio, qualifications, social media links and website link if you have one.

We actively promote you

You will have plenty of opportunities to create content that will be featured on our social media platforms where you can educate, inspire and promote your course.

Submit your course idea

Make sure to read our Course Guidelines before submitting your idea.