Build a High Performing Team

When your team achieves their best, you can too.

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If you are an entrepreneur  or an enterprise looking to educate your colleagues and new recruits then you’ve come to the right place. 

Build your own courses with ease or use our already-built courses, add your team members and manage every aspect of the course as well as the success of your peers.

Features you'll enjoy

Educate and empower colleagues

Sit back and relax whilst your colleagues become experts in the industry with our top notch learning course.

Manage your team

As a team leader you will have full control over your team members. Add members, remove them, monitor their progress and success as they work through the course.

Encourage Results

Your team members deserve a personal touch. Celebrate success with your peers by creating badges and certificates after completing quizzes and assignments.

Stay in touch

Keep in touch with your peers through direct emails on your leader dashboard. Communication is important, whether you're looking to send notifications, reminders or simple 'Thank you' emails.

Private or public

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to educate your team or you are looking to sell your own course online, we have you covered.

No technical skills needed

Managing your your team or multiple teams is made easy with our leader dashboard.

Grow a high performing team today

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Improved Compliance

Improving the knowledge, skills and expertise of your team members improves compliance with processes and services that you offer.

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Great Team Building

Build a strong, successful and cooperative team that drives results

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Increase Revenue

With employees who are knowledgeable, you'll never need to worry about bad customer feedback.

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Looking to build your own course?

Are you looking to teach your group something completely different and you need to create your own course for the team? Don’t worry we have you covered. 

Simply contact us below to discuss details and get a personalised quote.