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Festive Survival Guide

Download our Festive Survival Guide which presents 10 strategies to keep healthy this Christmas! 

What's included?

10 Ways to Survive the Holidays

We dive into 10 nutrition strategies that you can implement to keep healthy this Christmas.

The Best Holiday Drinking Tips

Find out how to enjoy yourself without guilt.

5 Christmas recipes

5 delicious and healthy recipes to get you inspired this Christmas.

30-day HIIT workout challenge

Keep Active this December with a 30-day at home workout challenge

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Welcome to our festive survival guide!

paula a creator

You'll be glad you read this

I hope you enjoy my guide! I am Paula and I am a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. You may have seen me throughout the Nutrition2change Academy platform instructing various courses! I wanted to do something different and give you the healthiest Christmas this year.

Paula Sawicka

Readers say


One of my main problems is staying active, especially during Christmas. So, I’ll certainly use the 30-day workout guide!

Paul Smith

Paula loves coaching and supporting her clients in any way she can. She loves what she does and it truly shows. 

Martha Hoax



To help you stay on track this Christmas

Download the Festive Survival Guide