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Our goal and our mission is to provide a smooth study experience to our students because when they are happy with their experience, they return to us!

The quality of your course matters greatly because with high quality content, you can build a base of loyal students who love you for what you do. The most important aspect of a quality video is that it should answer people’s questions rather than leave them with more questions. 

Creating a high-quality course takes time and effort, it is not quick and easy. But it is certainly worth it in the end!

The quality of your course = student success and satisfaction 

Student success and satisfaction = returning clients and more revenue. 

All courses must meet our criteria

The purpose of a course is to educate the students on things they may struggle to find or understand from other online resources. You must answer questions your students may have about a particular topic, and avoid writing content that raises unanswered questions. 

Your course must contain a mixture of  text-based lessons, videos, audio, quizzes and assessments that are spread throughout the course. 

The recommended duration of video-based lesson is 30 minutes. Please avoid using Youtube to embed your videos. You do have the option to send your videos to us and we will store them on Vimeo, provide you an embed code and accommodate for any changes you require. 

The voiceover or any audio within the lesson must be clear and concise. Please avoid any background noise.

Any video or audio must be supported by a transcript or a vide subtitles.

Depending on the type of course you are lookingto provide, it must meet our length/ duration requirements. 

FREE course: Minimum 30 minutes

Micro Course: Minimum 1 hour

Paid Course: Minimum 3 hours

It’s important to understand that both students and instructors are at the heart of our operation. Therefore, you must follow our community guidelines:

  • No inappropriate content
  • No hate speech
  • No promoting illegal activity
  • No product recommendations unless backed by evidence
  • No disrespectful speech in course forums
  • No uploading content that promotes stereotypes of individuals or groups based on race, gender, religion, age, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation

Privacy and security guidelines:

  • No revealing personal information
  • No downloading modules, lessons and quizzes and posting anywhere else
  • Must be original and authentic content (no plagiarism)
  • No personification of another teacher from a different platform
  • No affiliated products allowed unless agreed with administration
  • No self-promotion unless previously agreed with administration
  • Avoid or minimise self-promotion


As part of creating a personal experience between you (instructor) and the student, we require that any course you create has an ‘introductory’ video at the start of the course, but also an ‘about the course’ video that is placed on the product page. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself, tell your story, experience and describe what the course is about. 

The success of your student as well as your course greatly lies in the structure of your course. Always provide a course outline, and ensure it is consistent with the actual course structure. 

Be professional, friendly and welcoming. Teach clear, authentic and educational content that will help your students drive results. 

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