How to structure your workout program with actionable template


Your workout program isn’t just a series of exercises and workout regimes for given days. Although those things are very important, your workout program will not work effectively unless it also follows nutritional strategies. 

Therefore, the program should consist of:

  1. How to set actionable goals
  2. Energy balance and calories
  3. Macronutrient breakdown
  4. Health tips on meal planning and eating **
  5. Supplement recommendations**
  6. Potential tips on overcoming emotional eating
  7. Exercise tips and why it is important 
  8. Warm up and stretch
  9. A workout program that lasts no less than 8 weeks
  10. Potential recipes**
** Optional
Download an actionable workout program outline below.
workout program outline

Download the workout program outline

Be sure to also download the ‘workout program checklist’ to help you create the perfect workout program. This can be downloaded from the materials tab above the lesson.