50 Fitness and Exercise Challenges Infographics


50 White-label, done-for-you fitness and exercise challenge infographics for social media. Copyright free to brand as your own. Boost engagement and loyalty with these professionally designed infographics.


Imagine being able to constantly post engaging and informative posts on social media that will drive likes, followers and loyalty whilst placing you as the expert in the industry, and what do you need to do to achieve these results? Simply rebrand these 50 copyright free posts.

Created by top fitness experts and nutritionists, this copyright-free, completely re-brandable social media pack includes fun, engaging and educational content that will teach your audience something new every day.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’d love to create engaging content but I don’t know how..

I’ve tried providing informative posts but people just unfollowed me..

I don’t have time to sit and create posts…

I don’t know what my audience want to read about, how do I know what do they want from me?

Don’t worry we got you!

This 50 infographics social media pack gives you copyright-free, re-brandable, done-for-you social media posts that will help you build a more engaging and loyal audience. This pack includes fully customisable Facebook and Instagram posts which all come with editable notes so you don’t have to do any further research!

The result? Encourage more questions, comments and likes from your audience that just want to hear more from you! But most importantly, the more people engage, the more will want to work with you! And the more referrals, the more money for you!

What is the 50 infographics social media pack?

The social media pack provides you with 50 customisable and copyright-free posts that you can use on Facebook and Instagram as your own. This helps you save time creating and doing boring research so you can use that time to do things that are more important for your business.

Not only will your engagement increase, but you will also look like a pro with returning clients and more revenue.

This pack includes everything you need to start your health and wellness coaching business online!

What’s included within the pack?

50 fitness and exercise challenges for Facebook and Instagram. This pack includes workout challenges and clean eating challenges.

Purchase today to be successful tomorrow.


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