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Certified Weight Management and Nutrition Course

(5 customer reviews)

Learn the fundamentals of weight loss, the truth about dieting, healthy eating and so much more with this certified course. We shatter age-old myths so you never have to question anything again.

  • Course certified by CPD, NASM, and AAFA
  • 15 hours of quality content
  • Access on mobile tablet or computer for 12 months
  • Certificate upon completion


This is a Level 3 Certified Weight Loss Nutrition Course taking you from the start of weight loss to the end shattering age-old myths along the way.

This certified weight management course is an online course primarily designed for health and fitness lovers who want to learn about nutrition for weight management or start a career as a weight loss coach!

This course gives you what you need to know about nutrition and weight management, how to run your own weight loss course, and how to interact with clients. At the end of the course, you will also obtain a variety of useful tools and big discounts to help you launch your business.

What will you receive?

  • Level 3 Weight Loss Certificate upon completion recognised internationally
  • Career accelerator package that provides a discount to a variety of business essentials like flyer and business card printing, dietary analysis software, and discount on popular membership on
  • Guide on how to run your own 8-week weight loss course

Who is this course for?

    • Anyone looking to jump-start their career as a weight loss coach
    • Anyone looking to learn about weight loss nutrition
    • Anyone wanting to lose weight safely and sustainably or help others do so!

Download the prospectus

Other Information:

Nutrition2change Academy is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing EducationProvider.

  • CPD Points: 15
  • NASM and AAFA Prover Number:13,119
  • NASM and AAFA CEUs: 1.5


What will you learn?

There are 15 lessons including a differential number of topics within each lesson. Each lesson is interactive and includes videos, written text, and quizzes. Completion of the lesson can last anything from 10 mins to 45 mins.

  • Eating Habits; what are the most common eating habits, how these can inhibit weight loss, and potential solutions.
  • Balanced Diet; What is a balanced diet, why is it important and how to do it to achieve optimum nutrition
  • Calories; How to calculate calories and the importance of energy balance
  • Macro-nutrients; What are macro-nutrients (Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates), why are they important, recommended intakes, and appropriate calculations
  • Micro-nutrients; What are micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals), their functions, deficiency risks, and food sources where they can be obtained from
  • Fibre; What is it, why is it important and  what does it do within the body
  • Fluids; Why is hydration important and the effects of different fluids on hydration and weight loss (water, coffee, and tea, alcohol)
  • Digestive Process; How does digestion work and the important role of each organ involved as well as the implications of bad bacteria in the digestive tract
  • Medical Conditions and medicines – what conditions and medications can affect weight loss and potential solutions
  • Food labels; How to read them and what to look out for
  • Working with clients; How to carry out our own 8-week weight loss program with a sample program created for you. This includes lesson topics, questionnaires, and assignments.
  • Monitoring changes; How to measure body fat and monitor body changes

Download the prospectus

Information from instructor

Payment options

One-off payment of £349.99 or 3 interest-free payments of £116.63 with Klarna. Available at checkout.

5 reviews for Certified Weight Management and Nutrition Course

  1. Beth Goodwin

    loved the course, gives you manageable broken down sections and the information you need without being overcomplicated

  2. Kaitlin Morrison (verified owner)

    Loved this course, I would definitely recommend it!!

  3. Alessio Margiotta (verified owner)

    This is a excellent course, it provides accurate and really easy to understand information, it was overall a really enjoyable course.

  4. Dimitra Damianaki (verified owner)

    Hello Paula, the course is quite in depth. The fact that the terminologies are highlighted and you can hover over them so you can see the definition was excellent, along with the glossary.

  5. Mary Jacka (verified owner)

    Hi Paula, In the beginning of the course i struggled to find my way around, but once i got going no stopping me. the course full of information that now i look at food and diet in a completely way. i now understand food labelling so much clearer. Thank You

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