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Top 5 Tips for Meal Prepping on a Budget

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How do you prepare your meals each week? Do you get takeout, or do you plan out your meals in advance? If you’re not familiar with meal prepping, it means that you’re preparing all of your meals ahead of time and bringing them with you throughout the week. Meal prepping saves time, money, and mental energy because you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to eat when you’re hungry; instead, all of that’s already done.

Plan your meals

Meal planning and prepping is an easy way to lose weight, save money, and improve your health. If you already meal plan, try switching things up a bit. Make an effort to buy more vegetables and replace high-calorie ingredients with lower-calorie substitutes.

You don’t have to be a cooking expert or fan of meal prepping to see why planning meals in advance is so important. Planning your meals in advance helps you avoid impulse buys and overspending; it also enables you to buy only what you need, instead of rushing out at dinner time just because you don’t have anything ready to eat.

Meal prepping will also help curb cravings and make sure that you’re eating properly balanced meals that are both healthy and filling. To make things even easier, try meal-delivery services like Muscle foods!

Buy the Ingredients Together

One of the best ways to save money while prepping your meals is to buy ingredients in bulk. This works especially well if you have another person who’s willing to split ingredients with you, but it’s not essential.

Look into warehouse stores or online grocery stores that give you discounts when you order large quantities. If your local grocery store has an app, you can always see what discounted items are available and take advantage of them by ordering together. Buying together is also a great way to build community with other people in your life and make eating healthier more fun!

Save Money by Cooking in Bulk

Meal prepping can be one of your best methods of saving money. Rather than spending between £5 and £10 every time you go out to eat, cut down your grocery bill by cooking in bulk once or twice per week. Spend one day getting all of your meals ready, then enjoy them throughout the week. Cooking in bulk will help you save time and keep you from making poor food choices during busy work days—and it can really add up when it comes to saving money at dinnertime.

Check out these 7 meal prepping ideas.

Become a local hero, and use APPS to save food

Something that many people aren’t aware of yet is that you can buy food from local grocery stores and restaurants for just a few pounds! This is slowly gaining some popularity but not fast enough!

Stores and restaurants that have products and food that are about to go out of date are willing to sell it for just a couple of pounds so it doesn’t go to waste. Recently, our dear friend managed to get a meal for two from Tony Carvery for just £2.50 using an app called ‘Too good to go’.

All you do is search stores and restaurants near by and you can buy the food for really cheap. This can be very handy if you’re financially strapped, had a long day but craving something hot and tasty.

Download the app from google stores here and for apple devices here.

Mix and match your ingredients to get creative

If you’re tired of cooking up a storm every week, try mixing and matching ingredients from previous meals to create new ones. For example, if you made spaghetti squash with homemade marinara sauce last week, why not cook it again and add chicken sausage? This is an easy way to get creative in your meal planning without spending more money!

In fact, it’s possible to make 2-3 different meals out of the same 5 ingredients! Try different cooking strategies, different preparation techniques, and simply get creative!

Download our guide on how to build healthy meals plus 4 quick and easy recipes to get you started.

Download our FREE meal prep tips and recipes!

We love seeing your results! Therefore, we’ve created this guide to give you a more comprehensive view on how to meal prep! This guide also includes 4 easy and delicious recipes to get you started!

Use leftovers!

If you’re looking to save money with meal prepping, it can be tempting to cook fresh food every day. It’s also a waste! Though, generally it’s recommended planning at least one or two new recipes each week, it’s important to use what you have before making new purchases. It might seem uninspired, but learning how to re-purpose leftovers is an essential skill for any frugal meal planner.

By planning your meals around ingredients you already have in your kitchen, you can cut back on food waste and make sure that your money goes as far as possible. Also – if leftovers are a part of your weekly routine, then all of those prepped leftovers become lunch options throughout the week.

Reduce waste by freezing portions

You might be surprised to learn that between 40 and 50 percent of food ends up in landfills. As food decomposes, it produces methane, which is one of the main contributors to climate change. Over 90 percent of your household waste is likely recyclable or compostable (as opposed to 60 percent globally).

With such easy options for saving money and resources, meal prepping can be even more eco-friendly than it already is!

To reduce your environmental impact, consider freezing portions of meals or snacks and reheating them later. This not only saves you from overindulging in leftovers, but also reduces waste by keeping packaging materials out of landfills.


Meal planning saves time and money. The most basic form of meal planning is a list of meals, snacks, or grocery items to buy over a given period of time.

Some people prefer to plan out everything they will eat in advance each day or week; others simply write out items that need to be purchased and leave room for flexibility within their budget. Regardless of your own personal style, following some basic steps can make your meal plan easier to organize—and more effective at saving you both time and money.

We hope that you enjoyed our few tips and you’re ready to get planning! Be sure to check out our meal planning masterclass to understand how to build a personalised meal plan!

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