Different weight training sets

Exercising and lifting weights regularly may not always be enough, especially if your body adapts really fast. Therefore, make sure to incorporate different workout sets at the end of your workouts in order to shock your muscle and encourage greater and faster results.

Straight sets

This is a basic and most common way of training where you perform an exercise for a number of reps, rest and then repeat the set with the same number of reps. No variations. 

Drop sets

You simply need to ‘drop’ your weights and perform an exercise to exhaustion. Then, you can ‘drop’ the weight again and perform this exercise again. 


Supersets include two or more exercises or opposing muscle groups that are performed back to back with no rest in between. 

Compound sets

A compound set is exactly the same as supersets but you perform two or more exercises using the same muscle groups. 

Pyramid sets

With each progressive set, you may gradually increase the intensity of your workout by raising the weights and decreasing the reps. 

Rest-pause set

With rest-pause training, you’re essentially breaking your set down into a number of small sets, allowing you to push past your regular point of failure. 

Time under tension

This refers to placing the muscle under tension for longer by slowing down the reps or pausing at the most ‘intense’ part of the movement. 

A tri set

A tri-set consists of three exercises for the same body part that are performed one after the other with no break in between.