Exercise frequency

The frequency of exercise is very important, and especially if you’re looking to build muscle. 

You see, for muscles to continuously progress, you need to regularly place them under strain. 

Therefore, forget about the days in a week because muscles don’t work by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on.  You need to exercise a different muscle group twice within 7 days. This means that if you performed Legs and glutes workout on Monday, then you have the following 6 days to exercise legs and glutes again. It’s recommended to leave at least 72 hours before exercising the same muscle group. This is to allow the microtears to repair and prepare the muscle for the next strenuous workout. Exercising a muscle group excessively will only halt the progress.

The best workout split

In order to make sure that the muscles are placed under regular strain and they get enough of rest, you should create a workout split that supports their recovery. The best workout split is as follows:

  • Legs and glutes
  • Back and biceps
  • Chest and triceps
  • Abs and shoulders

So, dedicate each workout session to specific muscle groups. Once you finish the 4-day workout split, you can either return to day 1 and repeat (if you have the energy) or take a rest day and return today 1.

With this workout split, you will exercise all the muscle groups required to build muscles all around your body and also enable them enough rest between workout sessions. 

Avoid dedicating specific days to a particular muscle group as this can get you demotivated if you miss your day. If you miss a day and you’re in the middle of the workout split, simply exercise the muscle group you missed to avoid excessive rest days.