Importance of exercise

man running in a park

Exercise is one of the best ways to shape up your body. Whether you are looking to lose weight or get toned, exercise is the best of doing it. 

There are different types of exercises that have different effects on the body. It’s important to perform a mixture of all in order to achieve the best results. 

Different types of exercise

Low-intensity interval training (LIIT)

LIIT is a workout that is made up of either 1 lengthy exercise or a combination of low-impact exercises that are performed for a lengthy period of time. For instance, a 30-minute jog, 1-hour swim, or a hike. These workouts are great for weight loss as they burn fat during the workout. 

You see, low-intensity exercises use fat stores for energy instead of the circulating carbohydrates or sugars. As a result, these exercises can effectively break down fat stores and use the fatty acids for exercise.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT workouts are very high in intensity and also very short in duration. Although these workouts mostly use sugars for energy instead of fat stores, they possess incredible effects on your metabolism. Metabolism is a name given to all the biological and physiological processes that occur in the body which require a number of calories every day. This means that you burn a number of calories at rest without any excessive exercise. 

This means that this type of workout helps you burn more calories between your workout sessions thus creating a bigger caloric deficit and helping you lose weight. 

Weight training

Many people, especially women, who’d like to lose weight stay clear from weights because they believe that they will start getting bulkier. 

If you don’t consume enough calories, you can’t gain muscle, and if you are in a caloric deficit, you will only achieve a toned and lean appearance.

For weight loss, though, your sets and reps are different. You should focus on lower sets and high reps. For instance 2 sets of 25 or 3 sets of 15. 

Weekly workout split

As mentioned earlier, you should perform all three workout types if you want to achieve the best results. this means that your workout split can look like this:

  • Monday – Full body weight training (legs, glutes, arms, back and chest)
  • Tuesday- HIIT
  • Wednesday – Full body weight training (legs, glutes, arms, back and chest)
  • Thursday – LIIT
  • Friday – Full body weight training (legs, glutes, arms, back and chest)
  • Saturday – HIIT
  • Sunday – REST