The importance of weight training


Weight training is very important for muscle growth. The more weights you lift, the stronger and more muscular you’re going to get. 

Muscle contractions

Your muscles contract when you lift weights, and there are two types of contractions; concentric and eccentric. 

The concentric muscle contraction occurs when you’re exerting strength to lift the weight. The muscle shortens and exerts a force that’s stronger than the weight of the dumbbell or barbell. When this happens, you’ll be able to lift the weight. However, if the muscle doesn’t have enough strength to exert enough force, you’re not going to be able to lift that weight. 

The motion of the bicep curl when the load is elevated in an arc towards the body is an example of a concentric contraction. The bicep muscle actively shortens in this situation to allow the arm to move inward while working against the weight.

An eccentric muscle movement is the opposite to concentric. This contraction occurs when the muscle expands and becomes lengthier. For instance, when you are performing a bicep curl, and you’re lowering the muscle back down. That movement requires your muscle to expand and become longer again. 

Both muscle contractions occur simultaneously when you perform any type of exercise. 

What is myscle hypertrophy?

Muscle hypertrophy is a scientific name that refers to the ‘increase in cell size’. In other words, muscle hypertrophy refers to the growth of your muscle. 

When you lift weights, the strain causes microscopic tears and muscle damage within the muscle fibres. These microtears begin to stimulate the body’s self-defence system where it works harder to deliver a number of nutrients to the muscle cells to repair the microtears and encourages the myofibrils to grow.  This is why consuming enough calories as well as protein is very important. Without adequate energy, the body may struggle to work harder to provide all these nutrients. Whereas proteins are directly involved in the repairing of muscle, so if your protein intake is inadequate, you’ll also struggle to recover between workout sessions. 

Other health benefits of weight lifting

  • Better coordination
  • Better balance faster metabolism
  • Stronger bones and connective tissues
  • Better stress management
  • Better management of stress and anxiety